TrueNAS Proxmox setup/virtualization questions


Oct 21, 2023
I have been reading though this blog and I wanted to make sure I don't do anything silly.

Currently I have TrueNAS scale running on a bare metal server as a home NAS - this has all my pictures/data and things I don't really want to loose in a RAIDZ2 array. I "HAD" TrueNAS running on my ESXI server as a backup of the hardware NAS, everything was replicated to it. However the ESXI server that had no hardware raid and... Well... The VM SSD failed and I lost all my VMs.

Looking for solutions I decided to give Proxmox a try since it can do ZFS. I bought a bunch more hardware and now have proxmox setup with mirrored boot disks and RAIDZ2 VM SSDs. I am passing though my data drives with my HBA to the Proxmox VM but cant get things to boot. It looks like I need to have the TrueNAS boot drives on the ZFS pool of proxmox to boot correctly.

So my plan now is to take the two SSDs that I was trying to passthrough to TrueNAS - set them up in a mirror on proxmox and have 1x40G vm boot disk on it and another 1x40G boot disk on the RAIDZ2 VM drives. It looks like that should be fine while looking through the below blog but wanted to make sure.

My backup though process - please let me know if this is flawed.
  • Hardware NAS gets all important data backed up to it
  • Hardware NAS is running a VM of Proxmox Backup Server to backup the other servers VMs
  • Hardware NAS is replicating all local/apps/vms over to the Proxmox install of TrueNAS
  • Subset of this (pictures/important data) will be backed up to a cloud provider (yet to be determined)

I was planning on passing every drive over the HBA to the proxmox VM but that does not look to be overly supported. I "could" pass a single SSD via some shenanigans but that looks equally as bad. Any issue with having my backup NAS having its boot drives on a VM? I only ask this as I did this in ESXI and lost everything, but there was no ZFS at play there so this seems a bit more responsible.