Trouble reverse-proxying to Nextcloud container (Scale) from caddy in Core jail


Jan 19, 2024
I'm migrating from Core to Scale. All of my apps except for Nextcloud are migrating well. The last detail is to migrate over from Caddy on my Core server to Nginx on my Scale server. To test the Scale system apps, I've set reverse proxies for all the apps (in Caddy) pointing to my Scale apps. Nginx migration was going to be last. Jellyfin, plex, etc. all work fine this way, establishing secure connections externally to my Scale apps. All except Nextcloud. I noticed that the Caddy setup for Nextcloud is definitely different than simply setting a reverse-proxy. I'm curious if it is possible to connect at all to my Scale Nextcloud installation through Caddy on my Core server? I've made the requisite adjustments on the nextcloud config.php file (adding trusted domains) and removed the internal certificate (in the Scale NC installation), but somehow there is an http -- > https error, 'bad gateway error', etc.

Thanks for any insight!