thunderbolt / wireless networking


Feb 11, 2022
I've just built a server and installed TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02-RC.2. I've managed to get the 8 hard drives in a pool and a samba share. The only network devices being detected are the onboard gigabit NICs. I'd like to eventually put the server in another room, connecting to my router by wireless but also network by thunderbolt to my macs by a bridged connection. The motherboard is an ASRock Z590 Taichi. Is this something to do with the Linux kernel and is it safe to install other drivers? The kernel version shows as Linux 5.10.81+truenas x86_64

I was able to boot the system with a nightly ubuntu jammy image which recognised my wireless card (connected to network) and thunderbolt (best I got was successfully pinging between macbook and PC directly connected). Kernel Linux 5.15.0-18-generic x86_64

Would this sort of setup be supported in TrueNAS Scale or would I be better sticking to a more generic linux?

Samuel Tai

Never underestimate your own stupidity
Apr 24, 2020
So far as I can tell, neither the web GUI nor the middleware API supports wireless interfaces at all. I would look at connecting your TrueNAS server in the other room via either a wired-to-wireless bridge device, or via a Powerline Ethernet adapter.

If the Thunderbolt Ethernet tg driver isn't detected, then it's not built into the kernel, and is probably not packaged with the Scale installation. You can create an iX Jira account and submit a feature request to have it included in the future.

If these are deal breakers, and you only need Samba, you should try another distro.