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System keeps reseting

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Oct 14, 2020
Best forum friends,

After new building 2 succesfull home nas systems in a old pc i thought by myself..

Lets gat a rack system... so i did..

And now by installing freenas just always restarts after 1 minute at the text:active set ada0.

My system contains

Supermicro x7sbi motherboard

12 GB of ram

A 8 gb install disk

Install freenas type:


I want to at, 3 tb worth of hdd.

I tried formatting the boot usb

Tried booting the installer from usb

Tried reinstalling on both usb and dvd

Buth nothing seems to work

After the server restarts the boot usb gets corrupted en freenas says cant instal on this medium... and than i have to use diskpart to reset it

Also tried a 16 GB boot usb... that i know works... but still nothing

Anyone tips?

Thanks in advance

Greetings max

Patrick M. Hausen

Dedicated Sage
Nov 25, 2013
Any watchdog settings in the BIOS setup menu?