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Syncthing not working after add mounts but start okay


Aug 29, 2018
I have Syncthing running on my FreeNAS 11.2 UI just fine but when I stop the service for adding new mounting points it quit working. The service starts up just fine. No Syncthing page serve up when I click the management. The IP still show the same. Nothing change accept adding new mounting points. When I run the shell on the Syncthing plug in tab it does not give me the prompt. But when I go to the main shell it open just fine. And I am able to execute> jexec 5 csh. Then I type in ps -aux, I see command: dhclient: epair0b [pri.. and epair0b [dhc ..
I did not see syncthing runing.. I know I can get this working if I remove the syncthing and reinstall again. But I will add more mounting points in the future and reinstall the syncthing plug in is not a solution. Any help to get this working would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..