Synching two FreeNAS servers

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Aug 23, 2011
Hey all, I am building a couple of FreeNAS servers for my work, one for each of our two offices. I would like the two servers to synch automatically, so that data on one is copied to the other overnight. This process should be bi-directional, so that the two servers back each other up. Any thoughts on the easiest way to achieve this? I could do it with a couple of RSyncs, but I am open to other options that might be more flexible. The specifics are:

- Total data is approx 4TB, but most of that data does not change. Usually <10MB a day.
- It is a mix of small and large files
- Priority based on file date is fine (keep the last saved version of the file), but versioning might be useful if there is not too much overhead.

Any suggestions?
Not open for further replies.