Storage Volume and Diskspace graphs don't jive.

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Jul 24, 2011
Fairly new to FreeNAS but really liking it so far. Installed 8.01 beta 4 and seems to be running fine. Had a WD ShareSpace drive that was friggin slow for Windows transfers so I gutted the 4 1TB WD Greens out of it and build a NAS out of an old HP P4 3.06 2GB machine. It's a little on the slow side for windows transfers still but it's way better than the WD SS pos.

Anyway, Had FreeNAS working for about a week and both the Storage Volume size and Diskspace graphs showed 2.7 TB total space. Now the SV size and windows is showing it to be 2.4 TB but the Diskspace graph still shows it as 2.7. What might have caused the drop in total space of my RAID? I'm a bit concerned. I'm getting two emails a day from my box. One is the 'local security run output' and the other is the 'local daily run output'. From what I can tell there hasn't been any issues except for the drop in space.

Any ideas on what to check or what to do?

Not open for further replies.