snapshot data from elasticsearch to nfs key encrypted dataset


Feb 19, 2024

I've been stuck for several days on snapshotting data from Elasticsearch to an encrypted dataset with a key. I need your help, please.

I've mounted an NFS partition on Elasticsearch pointing to an encrypted dataset with a key on TrueNAS. When I try to initiate a data snapshot from Elasticsearch to TrueNAS, I receive the following error:

/var/nfs/elasticsearch': Input/output error
cannot read directory '/var/nfs/elasticsearch': Input/output error

However, the dataset is currently unlocked.

I'm using the following command to mount the NFS partition:

mount -t nfs truenas IP:/mnt/VDEV/elasticsearch /var/nfs/elasticsearch (This command succeeds)

I do have the key for the encrypted dataset.

For reference, I can successfully take a snapshot on a dataset that is not encrypted on TrueNAS.

  1. Do I need to adapt the mount command by adding the key somewhere?
  2. Generally, how do I lock/unlock the dataset?
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.