Shrinking/deleting swap and software installation trouble.

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Jun 11, 2011
So, I'm new to BSD (Linux user), but so far I think FreeNAS is the best solution for, well, my NAS. However, it seems the installer has created 2GB swap partitions on all my disks, including my 16GB SSD that I'm using for l2arc. This seems wasteful to me (10GB of swap total?), so I'm trying to get rid of it and grow the l2arc appropriately. However, I apparently don't understand the package manager.

Instead of trying to explain, I'll just show you what I'm seeing.

So, why can't I use (or remove) my supposedly installed software?

More importantly, perhaps, am I going down the right path with this swap thing at all? My /etc/fstab is below. ada0 is the one I want to remove, though I'd love to be able to resize the rest.

/dev/gpt/swap-ada1      none                    swap            sw             00
/dev/gpt/swap-ada2      none                    swap            sw             00
/dev/gpt/swap-ada3      none                    swap            sw             00
/dev/gpt/swap-ada4      none                    swap            sw             00
/dev/gpt/swap-ada0      none                    swap            sw             00

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.

Edit: So, I ended up deleting the entire pool, recreating it, and adding the l2arc via the command line (so, swap free). The only thing now is that the cache disk doesn't show up in the GUI... and, of course, I'm still confused about the software installation.


Jul 1, 2011
FreeNAS doesn't maintain a package database like FreeBSD because it is stripped down and not really intended to have packages added/removed. You can add them, but they're not as easy to remove. You'll also fill up your flash drive in a hurry if you aren't careful.

The Swap file is actually striped across the drives, so it's not really 10GB, even though it reserves 2GB on each drive. I think on the latest 8.01 beta 4 you have the option to disable this as long as you do it BEFORE you create your volume/pool.
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