Selected Option 5: Reset Configuration to Defaults - Now EVERYTHING is Gone! What Are My Options?

Feb 23, 2024
I'm at a client site attempting to install a TrueNAS Scale server that took me a month to setup properly. It wasn't showing up on the network, so I ended up choosing Option 5: Reset configuration to defaults.

Now EVERYTHING is gone! Is there a way to recover my configuration and storage pools or is it gone forever?

Why would an option like this have not a BIG RED WARNING on it and make you click through three (3) 'Are You Sure' messages? WTF!

The client is ready to lose their mind and I'm about ready to commit seppuku.

Any help would be appreciated...


May 17, 2014
Did you save your configuration as is recommended?

With the saved configuration, you can restore the configuration and get back to exactly where the saved configuration was. Their may even be an auto-saved configuration on your boot disk. But, I am not as familiar with that feature, so i don't know how to restore from that location. If you need that, perhaps someone else can help.

Yes, the reset configuration option probably should have an additional are you sure questions. File a bug with "Report a Bug" link at the top of any forum page.

It is very unlikely that any ZFS pool data is gone. You can check with the various Unix SHELL commands;
zfs list zpool status zpool import

This is one reason why I sometimes don't recommend TrueNAS. It is different enough and in some cases not suitable for every use. Plus, it is very likely that over years, using ZFS commands directly, (not just the GUI), will be needed. So learning a little more about Unix SHELL and ZFS every few months will help in the long run.


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Aug 16, 2011
Now EVERYTHING is gone!
What did you expect it would do?

As Arwen says, if you have a saved config file, it's easy--just upload it through the web interface and everything will be back. If you don't, your data is still fine; you can import your pool using the web interface. But you'll need to recreate any users and shares, and reconfigure any other services.