Safe to update / Is rolling back easy & quick?

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May 8, 2012
I'm currently running FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE, and the system indicates that there are updates available. If I allow these updates to run and I don't like the way things turn out. Is it just a simple matter of booting from the last snapshot, or am I likely into a struggle to get a working system back? At the moment I need my FreeNAS and I don't have much time for troubleshooting/fixing stuff. Currnely don't have any jails or plugins running, so I don't have to worry about them breaking.

If my fallback isn't easy and quick, I need to delay my upgrades.

Advice from someone with experience please? Thanks in advance.

17875 Specify a quota per time machine backup
25949 Allow access to ZFS snapshots over SMB
26039 Properly handle "replace inherited permissions with non-inherited ones"
26355 Fix freenas.json for newer versions of consul
26625 Update smartmontools to version 6.6
26776 Remove obsolete patch from Samba 4.7
26831 Revert using external Parse::Pidl
26899 Improve VM shutdown and add Power Off button
27013 Fix "ConnectionRefusedError Errno 61"
27023 Convert vfs.zfs.arc_max from loader to sysctl tunable
27063 Fix typo in "quota exceeded" alert
27131 Additional patches for AMD Ryzen support
27234 Update dojo version link in old UI to flush browser cache
27239 Rename factory restore button
27253 Update iocage Makefile with required dependency
27265 Update forum information in Guide
27268 Fix Update option of console menu
27270 Fix memory leak
27276 Fix GUI display on Internet Explorer 11
27284 Prevent queueing of repeated cloud sync jobs
27286 Indicate when cloud sync credentials are invalid
27292 Add example of how to check for pending updates to API documentation
27298 Fix CPU spike by using middlewared to get alerts for consul health check and consecutive event subscription
27299 Fix link to Netdata service
27306 Be less verbose with libiocage progress reporting
27334 Pass SNMP Auxiliary parameters values to running configuration
27346 Fix traceback when there are too many swap mirrors
27349 Relax the minimum amount of memory for a VM guest to 256M
27356 Update memory type used by Reporting memory graphs
27383 Disable consul update check
27387 Update operating system device choices and sizes in Guide
27394 Fix traceback on first boot related to iocage
27403 Update guidelines on RAM requirements in Guide
27407 Set proper certificate expire time when signing CSR
27417 Support Fibre Channel loop mode
27441 Remove recommendations for SMB min/max protocols in Guide
27496 Fix for alert emails being improperly addressed
27512 Fix permissions on user's SSH directory when creating the user account
27524 Fix panic on resilver or scrub
27531 Fix CPU temperatures scale used by Reporting
27582 Fix SMART schedule that exceeds MAXLINELEN
27655 Fix setting vnet while a jail is running
27666 Fixes related to jails for volume unlock
27675 Document "Use all disk space" in Guide
27701 Clarify "use all disk space" tooltip wording when mirroring boot devices
27740 Fix race condition on django using middleware client
27757 Update RancherOS to 1.1.3
27773 Fix livelock in  in sequential scrub
27783 Add instructions for importing encrypted disks with a saved configuration to the Guide
27814 Authenticate requests from  loopback network
26994	Add zfs_space and zfsacl as default modules to VFS objects
27334	Pass SNMP Auxiliary parameters values to running configuration
27516	Only run savecore in unused partitions
27534	Fix iocage traceback when configuration is missing
27674	Fix race condition in aac(4) driver
27758	Add 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 to VNC resolution list
27795	Remove dead link to in "Upload Plugin" UI dialog
27811	Update Midnight Commander to 4.8.20
27834	Fix the attachment of boot mirror devices
27860	Display proper error message when mirroring boot device fails due to target device size being too small
27861	Return an error when the downloaded RancherOS image has a checksum problem
27863	Add -B to freenas-debug to dump the configuration database to a text file
27874	Bump the copyright year in the old UI
27885	Allow VM Network Interface to use an MTU over 1500
27888	Fix ix-inadyn not being called on service update
27906	Remove System Update from Console Menu
27924	Be more strict about nfsd virtual host names
27930	Fix erroneous "Not ran since boot" message when replication task deleted
27971	Add Sync option to Create Dataset and Create zvol
28035	Add APIs to restart-httpd and restart-httpd-all
28115	Remove 1280x960 from VNC resolution list
28127	Enable providing afpstats via D-Bus interface
2813	Fix error that prevented proper deletion of boot environment
28187	Send email notification when a new update is available
28201	Fix queue length reporting in mps(4) and mpr(4)
28210	Run boot.attach as a job
28230	Don't recreate grub.cfg everytime a Docker VM is launched
28235	Bump default number of chain frames for mps(4) and mpr(4)
28247	Set the default value of scrub delay to 4 and resilver delay to 2
28369	If system has a serial number, display it in System -> Information
28377	Update ixl(4) driver
28383	Use the default route interface for the auto-created NIC VM
28400	Workaround to start smartd when there is NVMe present
28413	Spelling fixes for netcli
28462	When changing the MTU of a LAGG, use the lowest value supported by all LAGG members
28491	Fix regression in Samba xattr handling
28505	Fix submitting tickets through Support tab
28512	Update DDNS screenshot and text in Guide
28518	Set permissions correctly on user's home directory

The following packages will be downloaded:
Upgrade: base-os-11.1-RELEASE-8815a498ef028e9ba97ca6e1e9e75c74 -> base-os-11.1-U2-1c34a54ddcb5a7b1c6381bbf7d40b736
Upgrade: docs-11.1-RELEASE-8815a498ef028e9ba97ca6e1e9e75c74 -> docs-11.1-U2-1c34a54ddcb5a7b1c6381bbf7d40b736
Upgrade: freebsd-pkgdb-11.1-RELEASE-8815a498ef028e9ba97ca6e1e9e75c74 -> freebsd-pkgdb-11.1-U2-1c34a54ddcb5a7b1c6381bbf7d40b736
Upgrade: freenas-pkg-tools-11.1-RELEASE-8815a498ef028e9ba97ca6e1e9e75c74 -> freenas-pkg-tools-11.1-U2-1c34a54ddcb5a7b1c6381bbf7d40b736
Upgrade: FreeNASUI-11.1-RELEASE-8815a498ef028e9ba97ca6e1e9e75c74 -> FreeNASUI-11.1-U2-1c34a54ddcb5a7b1c6381bbf7d40b736

Apply updates after downloading (The system will reboot)


Aug 19, 2017
Yes it’s easy to roll back, No I don’t think you should upgrade given your statements.
I work with systems management so I’m overly paranoid, but I never touch a production system without plenty of time for post fan shit clean up and exit strategy. The latter is easy in FreeNAS with boot environments.
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