RAID1 + FreeNAS7 bootloader problem

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Nov 10, 2011
I'm using VirtualBox. I created two Virtual Hard Disk with a size of 2 GB each. I installed FreeNAS7 with OS(512Mb)+swap(512Mb)+data partition(1Gb), then
from the Disks - Management section I added the two disks with Software RAID formattion, and then from the Software RAID section, inside RAID0/1/5 I created a Raid1 with these 2 disks. The status of the raid is up. Later I tried to remove the first disk, and launching the system I received the error "No bootable disk found".
So I tried with the command dd if=/dev/ad0 of=/dev/ad1 bs=512 count=1 to copy the MBR also on the second harddisk. Now nothing works, I restored the first disk and running the system I again received the error message: ''FATAL: no bootable medium found! System halted.''.
Can someone say to me if my procedure is correct and how to install the bootloader also on the second HD ?
Thank you.
Not open for further replies.