Question on setting up drives for ZFS

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Jul 24, 2011
I've been researching ZFS and am hoping for some guidance. Currently I have two 1 terabyte drives and two 1.5 terabyte drives. For configuring a vdev, I am thinking of getting one more 1.5 terabyte drive thus giving me 3.0 terabytes of available storage. I would add this vdev to the storage pool. 2nd, is it possible for me to get another 1 terabyte drive and make a vdev and add it to the same storage pool? Just trying to utilize the drives that I have.

I am going to use this to store media files such as .iso rips and music. Also I will store user documents such as word docs and important family photos (these will be backed up using Cloudberry Lab running on a win 2003 server with the nas folders mapped on the server). I just want to have the security of having some redundency with our media files but they will not be backed up remotely.

Any additional guidance would greatly be appreciated.

Not open for further replies.