QQ Does upgrading from the plugin page nuke all other packages installed w pkg in the jail?


Nov 6, 2021
What the title asks.... I updated qBittorrent from the plugin page using the Update button (I don't normally) and all my servarr installations and zsh seem to have vanished. I have all of them backed up off server, but.... wtf lol?

EDIT: Oddly, it seems that all the data for these apps are still present. It's just the services themselves don't seem to be running or even present in system, so I have to reinstall them which seems to pick up right from their old data. Not a huge deal in the end, but mental note.. don't use the plugins page for really anything.. for anyone that comes across this bit.

My initial search on this topic was really poor and I didn't find anything useful (hence this post). But the site's nifty related topics feature produced this useful post: https://www.truenas.com/community/t...nstalled-from-plugin-when-patching-jail.94995
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