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Plex Plugin version on FreeNAS GUI different than on Plex interface

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Jul 20, 2017
Greetings everyone!

To start with, the following are my system specs:
  • Motherboard make and model: Apple Mac Pro (5,1)
  • CPU make and model: 6-Core: 3.33GHz Intel Xeon “Westmere” W3680 processor
  • RAM quantity: 32 GB of OWC DDR3 1333 MHz
  • Hard drives, quantity, model numbers, and RAID configuration: Five 4TB Western Digital Red drives in RaidZ2 configuration
  • SATA 2 controller
  • OS: FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b)
I am attempting to update my Plex plugin that I originally installed via the FreeNAS GUI. The Plex interface says that I am running version (see attached image 1). Whereas FreeNAS thinks I am running (see attached image 2). This is preventing me from updating to version that is available on the FreeNAS plugin store (see attached image 3).

Has anyone encountered a similar problem before? I am not quite sure how to make FreeNAS see that I am using a later version of the PLEX plugin? Whenever I try to update, the update fails with the following exception (IP address removed):


Software Version: FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b)
Request Method: POST
Request URL: http://x.x.x.x/plugins/plugin/update/1/

File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/django/core/handlers/exception.py" in inner
  39.			 response = get_response(request)
File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/django/core/handlers/base.py" in _legacy_get_response
  249.			 response = self._get_response(request)
File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/django/core/handlers/base.py" in _get_response
  178.			 response = middleware_method(request, callback, callback_args, callback_kwargs)
File "./freenasUI/freeadmin/middleware.py" in process_view
  162.		 return login_required(view_func)(request, *view_args, **view_kwargs)
File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/decorators.py" in _wrapped_view
  23.				 return view_func(request, *args, **kwargs)
File "./freenasUI/plugins/views.py" in plugin_update
  238.		 if notifier().update_pbi(plugin=iplugin):
File "./freenasUI/middleware/notifier.py" in update_pbi
  2548.			 raise MiddlewareError("There was a problem creating the PBI")

Exception Type: MiddlewareError at /plugins/plugin/update/1/
Exception Value: [MiddlewareError: b'There was a problem creating the PBI']

Image 1
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.39.05 AM.png

Image 2
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.42.14 AM.png

Image 3
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.41.52 AM.png

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I don't think the Plugins section of the new UI is complete yet. If you decide to create a report at bugs.freenas.org, post the issue number here.


Jul 20, 2017
The bug I opened got closed. I ditched the FreeNAS plugin system and loaded Plex on a generic jail as recommended by the bug incident manager. Now I am running the latest Plex server build without getting the Plex plugin.
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