Plex Data elsewhere


Aug 30, 2023
Brand new user here!
Amazing fun I had with truenas so far, what a great product!!

Currently running a Synology with a Plex media library of +100TB.

I installed TrueNas Scale on a Threadripper Server I had (3 1TB nvme for vms etc, 4x 8TB drives for data/downloads).

I installed my Plex Media Server with Plex Pass on a Windows 11 VM I created in TrueNAS, and mapped my Plex library to my SYNOLOGY NAS inside this VM, and so far everything works and have the Hardware Transcoding I wanted.

But now comes all the fun with APPS. I installed RADARR and SONARR, QBit, etc...

Inside Sonarr, I can't load my media from Plex location as I do not see it because don't have acces to the Plex Share on the Synology.


Is it possible to mount an SMB share inside TrueNas from my Synology?
First, to have all my media mapped inside those apps, and so the profiles can lookup for files missing, etc...

Let me know if its feasible.