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Please read first before posting in this section

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Mar 25, 2012
Welcome to the new 9.3 testing section.

The goal is to facilitate user testing, feedback, questions and answers while 9.3 is being developed. In the past there has been a general concensus not to discuss future alphas/betas/RCs in the forums. The plan is to change that so we can have some open discussions and, hopefully, have a more bug-free time with FreeNAS when it hits RELEASE status.

Do take note of a few things:

1. Developers are not expected to hang out here but this provides a single point for information on 9.3. They may be contacted by one of the forum admins if we don't have the answer, but don't expect them to be here or reply.
2. The hope is that we can get more people to test the next version of FreeNAS before it hits RELEASE so we have a more stable and bug-free release.
3. This section is being create to avoid "polluting" the rest of the forum where RELEASE issues are discussed.
4. If a bug is found through the forums, a bug ticket will have to be created to track the problem (and it's resolution). A link can be found using the green text at the top of the forum page.
5. Nobody here has control of what is and isn't fixed before a RELEASE is made. So complaining about a bug that is delayed to some future release will be deleted. This is to discuss user behaviors and feedback, not politics with scheduling releases.


Not open for further replies.