Parts list and some questions, help welcome!

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Jul 8, 2011

OK I'm a total Linux n00b but this is the situation.
I have a friend who is looking for a 20TB+ Storage solution for his company. They do 3D rendering etc and need some serious storage space and he needs a file server with 20TB of space. I have been reading some good reviews of FreeNAS (and I'm prob going to set myself up a little one at home over the summer) and have some questions as well as looking for some answers to a few questions.

Basically the setup I have come up with is the following -
Dell 1950
2 x Xeon 5150 Dual Core (2.66/8M/1333)
8GB Ram
Dell Perc 5e 256Mb

This is connected to -
Dell MD1000 Storage Enclosure
15 x 2TB WD2003FYYS 7.2K SATA

Now my questions are this -

Would setting this up in a RAID 50 or 10 be best?
He needs performance as well as redundancy if a drive fails so one of the drives is going to be a hot spare just in case. I'm thinking RAID 50 as he will have performance close to the RAID 10 and still have 20TB+ of usable space.

How easy is FreeNAS to get running for a n00b like me?

What do I have to be aware of when setting this all up? any pit falls?

They are running XP, Vista & Win 7, setting up the shares in FreeNAS is easy? With user access?

Oh over a GB network, what kind of performance will I be getting (approx) and are there any tweaks that are recommended?

Thanks in Advance for any help.

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