Older FreeNAS releases - a big thank you!

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Patrick M. Hausen

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Nov 25, 2013
Today we were struggling to get Vagrant with Virtualbox running on one of our own "proServer" jails. Documentation is sparse and searching mostly leads to FreeNAS development discussions ... ;)

So this evening I installed (in VMware Fusion!)
  • FreeNAS
  • Jail from the Virtualbox template with VIMAGE
  • FreeBSD amd64 inside a Virtualbox VM
Virtualbox VM bridged networking to the jail, jail vnet bridged to the host, host in my VMware NAT network ...
Everything up and running in less than two hours!

So now we can scrutinize this system to find what we did wrong with our own setup. I suppose there are no proprietary bits and under the hood it's all plain FreeBSD plus lots of clever config tweaking by the kind folks at iX.

Thank you very very much for keeping all the old versions around and easily accessible - contrary to many other open-source projects!

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