Nice fan for C2750D4I

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Ian Carson

Jul 5, 2016
Hi Guys

I am very pleased with my new CPU fan and thought you guys might like the details.

Just recently had to replace my C2750D4I motherboard when it stopped POSTing. Could be the clock issue mentioned in other threads but could also be what I saw in the logs before I shutdown and then could no longer post. That was an Upper Non-Recoverable temperature warning on the CPU which was set at 95 C to try to compensate for the combination of the lack of airflow in the UNas enclosure I use with the passively cooled CPU on the MB. Probably should have had a fan, right? :smile:

I dug into my spares to get a new MB but decided to do the right thing and get that fan for the CPU heat-sink.

The fan I settled on was the Noctua A4x20 PWM. I used four 4Gx25mm stainless self-tapping panheads to attach the fan to the heat sink. The fan mounting hole spacing is 32mm so it doesn't fit to the top of the heat-sink square to the sides but it does fit nicely at 45 degrees. The 4G screws don't excessively bend the fins and the self-tappers cut sufficiently into the aluminum to get a nice grip. The fan has anti vibration pads which sit nicely on the heat-sink fins when the screws are pulled up.

I attached the fan to CPU_FAN_1 on the MB. The fan can run at up to 5000rpm and I am finding that it tends to run between 3700rpm and 4200rpm under PWM control from the MB. Temeprature now fluctuates gently between 49 C and 56 C and is quickly corrected by an increase in fan rpm. Best of all this fan is virtually silent - even with my ear against the casing I am hearing HDD motors over any fan noise.

Hope this helps someone

N.B. I am not associated with Noctua in any way.


Oct 27, 2015
Can't go wrong with Noctua fans. I have them in both my FreeNAS box and my workstation. They have never failed on me unlike other brands.
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