New User - Rate my hardware before I invest in wrong gear...

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Jul 5, 2011
Hey everyone! I am a new user. I just stumbled across this software randomly when completing a task at work. Since I am a HUGE fan of minimalist installs, I feel compelled to try this out.

The main purpose for this install is simply to fiddle with and learn the software. I will use it to store some pictures and other media. It will only be host to a single user.

First off, I already have some old hardware sitting around that i would like to utilize.

1. Thunder K8SD Pro (S2882-D)
1a. 2xAMD Opteron 280
1b. 8x1GB PC3200 DDR memory


3. 400 watt PSU
4. 4GB usb key
5. cd\dvd drive

Now, my questions.

1. will my current hardware work well for the base of a new install?
2. Should I use the onboard sata instead of the add in card?
3. If I use the add in card, would something like this be a good idea for the HDs?
3b. I do think I only want to go with 4 HDs for now.
4. Will I be ok with the onboard NIC? or should i invest in an upgrade?

Thank you so much for any assistance you may be able to provide.



Behold the Wumpus
May 28, 2011
Hi jfelpel,

I think you should be just fine with your hardware. Honestly, it's dated and will probably draw more power than you would like, but for trying things out it should be just fine.

Personally, I would stay away from the Silicone Image controllers. That's nothing but personal bias there, but if you are into trolling ebay see if you can't score an LSi 3041X-R or a 3080X-R card for cheap (less than $50) and run your drives off that. I wouldn't put to much money into that platform just because it is so dated. Once you have sold yourself on the project you can move your drives over to something more current.

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