New user Poweredge R510 (Plex & Backup storage setup recommendations)


Feb 21, 2024

I am new to TrueNAS I have another Dell server running windows 12 tb. that the partition for my movies is full about 8 tb. I want to migrate to a Poweredge R510 filled with 12 4tb drives and I believe 2 SSD cache drives and a SSD boot drive. I have seen the videos on Youtube about how to setup pools and such but not much on overall concept on how best to devide up the drives for plex performance.

I'd like to talk through does it make sense to divide this device for movies and backups or should I use the other server for backups and let this just be movies.
We can look at both the TrueNas unit and the Windows server and discuss what you would do being that you might have more experience. How midigate drive failure and if having 2 4tb drives on sandby is a good idea.

Thanks for the help.