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My SMB Share only detects most recently copied files/folders, but with an FTP Client i can see all the Folders??

Dec 16, 2017
Hello everyone,

I recently build a new FreeNAS-Server, and i also did a fresh new install (new update from website) of FreeNAS, imported all my pools etc. no prob!
but now when i try to open an SMB Share folder on a windows pc, i can only see the folders of the most recent files i copied to the zfs-dataset ?
i cant see no other folders

the weird thing is, i can see ALL the files and folders through an FTP-Client or SSH etc, and i have full access to them so i know all my files and folders are still there + accessible!
so my question is:

does this has something to do with the SMB Share settings? or perhaps the Permissions on the dataset?
i hope somebody can help me with this,

Thankyou in advance


Senior Member
Jul 27, 2016
most likely the acls on the existing data. take a look at them..and change them recursively..then you should be good to go.