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Jun 4, 2019
Hey there everyone.
I have an FreeNAS Mini XL that we bought a few years back for our main company NAS. We're running FreeNAS-11.2-U8 and we have a half dozen Windows SMB shares set up. The other day I noticed that the shares weren't propagating their permissions the way they should (ie. I was domain admin, but there was a directory in which I could not create a subdirectory, despite owning that directory in Windows. Also I couldn't "replace all child object permissions..." to overwrite perms for child files and folders that I couldn't currently see. Super weird...)

But I think I may have found the problem... Apparently, when I originally created the Storage Pool it was set up as a Unix ACL type, rather than a Windows ACL type. I now see that the newest docs explicitly say "Unix permissions do not support Windows ACLs and should not be used with Windows (SMB) Shares." (-Section 9.2.12) The tricky part is that it's been this way for a long time already and we'd just never noticed the issues...

So my questions are thus:
- Is it safe to change the ACL type From Unix to Windows after the fact (without losing access to our existing files)?
- If so, what should my settings be typically?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Much thanks in advance! :)



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Mar 6, 2014
In 11.2-U8 I would not consider making any changes to ACL type to be safe. In versions prior to introduction of the ACL manager, changing ACL types would recursively strip permissions.

IIRC (it has been a few years) 11.2-U8 the "Windows" type would basically set 0770 on paths, which means if you set it at root of data pool, you could potentially break many things.