Links in Will it FreeNAS? **Required Reading for This Sub-Forum**

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May 16, 2016
Hey Everyone!

I'd like to thank everyone who are inserting links in their posts to help provide detailed information about the products you are choosing for your FreeNAS build. There are a couple of things that are different about this subforum so I'd like to give everyone a quick reminder.

Newbies, you can help us tremendously by using properly formatted part names. A correctly formatted part name makes all the difference if someone is doing a search to verify the same part for compatibility. A good example might look like this:

Improperly formatted part names: fury R9
Properly formatted part name: Radeon R9 Fury (Additional Model # Here If applicable)

There may be exceptions to this rule, but this is simply an example. Don't worry too much if you aren't 100% certain. Just try to double check to make sure the formatting looks decent before posting.

pcpartpicker references are highly discouraged. They refer users away from the forums and do not support the FreeNAS project in any way. The best way to provide information on your parts and support the FreeNAS project is simply to include a link to your parts on one of the following sites.

1. (best) You can also use an Amazon wish list if you would like to show a full list of your parts.
2. (good)
3. eBay (good).
4. direct link to the manufacturer. (least beneficial but preferred to pcpartpicker and still helpful).

Please understand moderators may edit posts in this section that do not follow our guidelines.

Thank You!
Not open for further replies.