Let's collaborate on WASM workloads on SCALE?

Feb 18, 2024
Hey, folks.

I want to put a feeler out there to see if anyone wants to collaborate on getting the SpinKube WASM support running on the k3s on SCALE. I have significant experience with k8s and other cluster schedulers having worked for some of the key vendors but I have only started dabbling with SCALE in the last month or two. So I can contribute a bit from the the general k8s side of that equation but I would love to work with someone who has been deep and wide with the SCALE k3s implementation, how to operate it, customize it, and any quirks therein. Probably makes sense to have non-trivial exposure to the TrueCharts side of things as well as there is a lot to like about their approach, IMO.

My ultimate motivation is that I would like to see SCALE turn into the base hyperconverged(oh, that term... ;)) platform for smaller hosting operations (smaller than the big cloud service providers for certain) with a model something like what Flux/FluxOS is attempting but more generally applicable and not so hard-linked specifically to Docker ecosystem. I lean very much toward the "decentralized and distributed is the best way forward" philosophy.

For reference: https://www.fermyon.com/blog/introducing-spinkube-fermyon-platform-for-k8s

DM me if this sounds at all interesting.