LCDProc + Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD (Headless) Zotac i3 Build

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Dec 11, 2011
Hi All,
I`ve been running freenas for a long time. and from what i noticed, there isn't any guides available to install LCDProc into FreeNas X64 Build.

I`ve tried pkg_add and such, but i can never figure how to make the whole program start, neither can i figure out how to get lib32 installed. I`m a FreeBSD noob. but i`m willing to learn of course.

Could someone in the right path, please kindly help me or tell me the step by step ways to install LCDProc into FreeNAS 8.0x?

I could use pkg_add and such. but what do i set as the hardware id. I`ve figured my hardware to be located at dev/ugen0.

However, i can't start the program. it gives me a lib32 error.

Hope someone can help me. and we can make a tutorial so that people won't have the same problem i`m having.
Not open for further replies.