Is FreeNas what im looking for?

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Hey guys you might been asked this many many times before but i have read about this for some time and the technical jargon confuses is me :D

If you guys don't mind ill say what im looking for, and if someone could be so nice to tell me in SIMPLE terms ill be very happy

1 file sharing in network and other buildings (home pc and a friends pc) all be on window based computers....... this must be a easy to use for the user for example simple to upload and download files all with different permissions

2 a place where we can place past clients work (encryption is a option)

3 able to run a php - sql project manager script

we have been using whs 2011 up to now and the only reason we use this is because we can install software on it.

not sure if this is any help but this is the machine ill be setting this up on

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.6Ghz (4 CPUs)
4096MB RAM
2x 2TB HD
1x 1TB HD

in a pc case will this case any issues?


also can this run a printer on the network?


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May 29, 2011
1) easy within reason (assuming you don't find Windows sharing difficult)

2) no encryption - yet - for FreeNAS with ZFS, but "coming soon" IIRC. If it's a requirement, FreeNAS isn't your solution today.

3) No. No PHP or SQL. PHP won't be on FreeNAS anytime soon. SQL ... might. Actually both of them could be run as services in a jail, but then you're not on an "out of the box" config. If you're not too terrified of UNIX, the information needed to get a full FreeBSD jail is floating around in bits on this forum, and from there, you can install most network service type things.

4) no printer support at the moment. CUPS support would be a nice thing to see on FreeNAS. See jail comment above.


thank you jgreco for your reply, its a shame as i have heard a lot of good reports on freeNAS, i think i will try this on a old pc to see what i get :)
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