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Old Man
May 28, 2011
Well my name is Mark and I'm here to play and learn more about FreeNAS. It's an interesting way to learn FreeBSD and the Linux variants that I can use at work.

Carbon dating places me back to the stone ages when people programmed using punched card machines, and that was after you figured out your machine code. Pinball machines were all mechanical back then and I definitely played the original Pong game. HBO was a new concept as well. I use to run a Bulletin Board System (BBS) in my early Navy days and there was FIDO NET to complement it (pre-modern internet days where computers called each other when they needed email updates). So my experience is on old computers, assembly code (you know stuff like MOV AH,AL, INT 19), DOS, Windoze, and just starting into VXWorks 3.5.

My hobbies are RC Airplanes, can't get enough of them and listening to the old timers who were pilots, navigator, bombardiers, etc... tell their war stories. Not many of those guys are alive these days.

Last tidbit is I'm a retired Submarine Sailor, did my 20 years and now on my second career as an engineer.

Sorry, a bit long winded.



Jul 1, 2011
Hey Mark,

I remember all those 'good old days' too, from punch cards, assembly, BBS's, CP/M, you name it. Just wanted to say hey! I'm still working on my introduction... ;-)
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