How to set this configuration

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Nov 30, 2011
Hi there!

I apologize now because of the writing, but I need help with Freenas 8 that recently installed on my computer. I present the image and then expose the doubts:


Basically what I do is this: I have two computers connected to the router, and wanted full access to the server. I want to get and put files into it without any problem. The Internet, I wanted my server had two accounts with access to two folders. An account that could put files on the server through the Internet and other account that could have these same privileges, but it could delete files from the server. This, of course, through the internet.
I think the protocol to be used to make this last task is to FTP, but I'm not sure. I think the ftp protocol only allows reading files over the Internet, and I wanted to edit them.

Can you tell me how can i do i?

Best regards;
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