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Jun 28, 2011
Hi gents,

So, I'll be putting up a pfSense rig up soon (specs in sig). However, at other peoples' advice, I will also be changing my private IP address numbering scheme. I'm currently using a 192.168.0.xxx/24 scheme, which could very well pose a problem when I want to use a VPN, which is part of the intended use of the pfSense rig. Anyway, new scheme will be 172.18.132.xxx/24. FreeNAS-specific questions, then :

1. I have two FreeNAS boxes : the server, and another one that takes daily ZFS Replication back-ups of the full contents of the server. Is this just a matter of hooking up a display/keyboard and changing addresses? In the server's case, I'd need to do both the IPMI's IP address (in BIOS), and the in-use NIC's address (via the console once the machine boots up, as I won't be able to access the GUI anymore, I suppose). Same thing on the backups box. Also, change IP address in the Replication tasks and UPSMon tools, and obviously change gateway/nameserver1 to the pfSense box's IP ( That all look good so far?

(1.1. My server actually has two [Intel] NICs on its SuperMicro board. Could I just configure the other one, unused at the moment, with the server's new address in the new scheme? I mean - it's connected to a dumb switch, so in my understanding, that approach wouldn't work, but maybe I'm wrong...?)

2. Will I need to totally re-create the Replication tasks? Or will the SSH keys and such still be good so that I can just change the IP addresses in the tasks and call it a day?

3. Jails. Right now, I've got 2 - Transmission, and MySQL for XBMC. Honestly, I don't mind deleting them and re-creating them from scratch if I have to, that would take me about 10-15 minutes, I suspect (well - maybe 30, but whatever). But, am I correct in believing that, I would just have to change, under the Configuration tab, the IPv4 network to, set the start and end blocks (I've got those planned in my network map), and then change the jails' individual IP addresses themselves last? I seem to remember reading horror stories about that though...

Anything you guys see I'm missing?


P.S. - if you guys are REALLY looking for something to do....=) You can check out my equivalent, but broader, thread on this subject in the pfSense forums :

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