Hikvision camera NFS settings help or advice please


Apr 23, 2021
I'm just trying to get aquainted with TrueNas Scale but don't know what I'm doing wrong ?
I have a some cameras that I want to directly record to and make better use of the 24 hdds for a media server.
Its been up and running ( recording ) for a few years on TrueNas Core v12 ( works fine on the latest version too ) & I thought it would be straight forward
& benificial to have a few more functions for other uses so trying Scale on a spare machine first.

Basically I've copied all settings from one machine to the other just changed the Ip addresses & a file path name slightly so I can have both PC's running at the same time while I start .Each machine has a slightly different IP & file path name to avoid conflicts .
I've tried each OS on each machine but cant understand where I'm going wrong?

On the Scale machine the drives are
Online ,pool created, Datasets etc
Nfs share is enabled for the file path ,I'm not 100% sure about the user & group names in sharing on Scale as I'm completly new to it. Pretty much tried everything that worked on Core .

On the Hik Camera the file path has been copied in Net HDD and the server path is the same ip ( and saved in the config )
BUT when I test it the message" Mounting to NAS server failed. Invalid directory or incorrect user name/password. "
Obviously with this I cant get the HDD online to format it .


On the Core Machine v13
Online ,pool created, Datasets etc
Nfs share is enabled for the file path

On the Hik Camera the file path is correct as the IP is.

Testing on this comes up as succesful drive is online formatted & can be recorded to !

Its probably staring me in the face or just wont work with scale ?
Alternatively could I put a Windows VM on the Core ?

Any help anyone .