Hi thar, i'm Nindustries!

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Jun 12, 2013
Alright, you got me, I've been lurking here for some months now..unintroduced!
So I guess it's plain courtesy to introduce myself to the folks here.

Well, i'm Nindustries. Hehe, besides that; i'm a 20 year old student from Belgium. I'm studying IT, with a selection of Networking. (We can choose between programming, networking & databanking)
I'm very interested in the home appliance of IT-stuff such as home servers, htpcs, domotics, etc.. but also programming, websites, security, movies and Muay Thai. I'm also an admin of a security related website, but that one's rather dead atm due to lack of time.

I think I first heard about NAS4Free, but I quickly switched to FreeNAS after discovering this one. :D I'm hoping to gain a lot of experience regarding NAS in general and ofcourse networking.
You'll see me mostly lurking around and trying to help other people, maybe one day submitting bugs? We'll see..

Any questions? Just ask! Otherwise.. see you around:eek:

Not open for further replies.