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Jun 20, 2018
Hi everyone.

I am one excited 56 year old... dabbling back into COMMAND LINE syntax just takes me back to my old 80's DOS days!!! WHOO HOO! Like MANUAL TRANSMISSION vs AUTOMATIC!

I ran into a situation that most of you probably are familiar with.. an all Windows network... running a Visual Effects Studio... and now most of our software has outgrown all but Windows 10... so a bunch of our render farm boxes, having existed perfectly under Windows XP have now officially become either paper weights or garbage... BUT IN COMES FREENAS! And FreeBSD. And WINE! So I have excitedly undertaken the task of resurrecting those old machines.. into fresh new SERVERS and Linux Workstations that will eventually use WINE and hopefully continue as active parts of our studio.

Installed and configured FreeNAS last night.. and it was a breeze. Ok.. it was a little confusing.. but via tutorials on Youtube and luck.. today I woke up to a fully functioning new server. And surprisingly (or not), even with older hardware... the FreeNAS file transfer is FASTER than Windows Server on LARGE files... slower on mixed sized files... but still much cleaner.. and more responsive under the Windows workstation usage. I'm psyched.

Hopefully I won't run into anything that requires me to post here.. but wanted to become part of the FreeNAS family anyway (and just in case.. haha).

Great work to all those involved in creating this massive piece of software.



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Sep 12, 2014
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