Hello from Leduc, Alberta :)

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Oct 7, 2011
Hey guys :)
Name's Adrian and I'm using FreeNas 8.01

Got most of my gear for free from work when they have retired the equipment :D
Server is an HP Proliant p-Class Blade Server with the GBe2 Switches and SAN Switches.
SAN is a MSA1500cs Controller with 2 x MSA20 drive shelf ( 12 x 1TB each ) linked to the SAN switch within the server by dual 2Gb fiber
Currently only 1 drive shelf is populated fully, but slowly working on the other one...
The controller is flashed on the latest firmware and is running Active/Active Configuration. Each controller ( within the MSA1500cs Enclosure ) can drive 1 SCSI - MSA30 or 2 SAS/SATA MSA20 Drive shelfs. SATA drives are better suited more reasonably priced at $49 for a Seagate SATA2 7200 Drives.
Network Switch is a HP Pro Curve 2810 - J9021 which has 28 ports with 4 SFP shared ports.

Firewall is HP DL360 G2 that I bought locally through the classifieds ($150) and added in 2 Quad port fiber cards ( $25 each on fleBay )


The rack is mostly fiber and is setup in fail over mode with load balancing :)
I know its overkill, but I have the equipment and it does have the feature, so why not use it.
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