Have TrueNas Scale Report Both Pool Used & Free Space


Apr 24, 2014
Look, all I want to do is have TrueNas Scale report the used AND free space in Windows 10. All it shows in Windows 10 right now is your standard drive name with white bar and what is free, which is the whole bar. It doesn't report to Windows 10 what amount of space is used, filled with blue.

I have tried every word salad variation of this issue in searching for an answer and so far most point to older version of FreeBSD based FreeNas/TrueNas.

I am running the latest version of TrueNas Scale just installed days ago and am on Windows 10. In the previous BSD based the command I believe was "zfs_core:zfs_space_enabled = yes"

So, is there a CLI based command I can run or a setting in the GUI somewhere to make TrueNas Scale report this to Windows?

Any help is much appreciated.