SOLVED GPT went missing... how to recover jails and VM?

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Dave Hamby

May 16, 2017
Silly me, non-redundant boot USB nubbin. The GPT got stomped and upgrade installation failed. This led to a reinstall on two new nubbins. The file system recovered nicely but a bunch of configuration went missing including Plex, UniFi controller, and RoonServer. The first two were in jails per the procedures given here. Roon Server was in a BHYVE created VM per instructions at ROON.

Only the boot media was lost and with it the non-storage system configuration. All the zvols and datasets were recovered. Can I just recreate the jails and start them? Can I just recreate the VM and start it?

How should I be backing up configuration data? Is there a fine manual section I should consult? Not being facetious about the fine manual -- it's pretty good but not much on system recovery or best practices.
Not open for further replies.