jail restore

  1. H

    Upgrading to 11.2B3 loses plugins and jails in UI

    Hello, I've decided to upgrade my FreeNAS 9.10 to the latest version through the user interface method. It worked but not quite. I had only two plugins installed: Plex and transmission. They are not shown in the UI but they are still running. I also have a simple jail to run ssh and to keep...
  2. Dave Hamby

    SOLVED GPT went missing... how to recover jails and VM?

    Silly me, non-redundant boot USB nubbin. The GPT got stomped and upgrade installation failed. This led to a reinstall on two new nubbins. The file system recovered nicely but a bunch of configuration went missing including Plex, UniFi controller, and RoonServer. The first two were in jails per...
  3. I

    Core backup skipping media content folder

    Hello guys, As the title says, what is the easiest way to backup FreeNAS core (jails, configs) skipping media folders (which in my case are /mnt/disk1/(movies|series))? My FreeNAS is installed on a USB-drive inside a mini-server (HP microserver gen8), while jail data is stored on...
  4. D

    how to move jails

    Hi there, how do i move jails from one DataSet to another? Would be a nice option like with the system dataset.
  5. V

    Issues with Jail Restore

    Hi all, My SD Boot drive died and I had to reinstall and import my existing volume. So I lost all of my FreeNAS config, plugin settings, etc. However; my Jails folder is still present and as most of my jails didn't really need plugin management I'm hoping I can just restore them I was hoping...