Getting freenas 9 jail to have its own mac address

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Feb 16, 2012
Hi, I want to port forward some internet traffic on my home router to my jail living within freenas 9, but my home router chooses the device to port forward to based on mac address, and unfortunately my jail in freenas 9 which is on seems to use the same mac address as the freenas 9 server itself which runs on

how can I make the jail use its own mac address? I think it's something to do with the bridging/epair stuff etc,

I should stress internally on my network everything's fine - I can hit all the services running on my jail by hitting the jail's ip address

my current jail configuration screen looks like:

Jail Name: Jail1
IPV4 Address:
IPV4 Aliases: <blank>
IPV4 Bridge Address:
IPV4 Bridge Alias: <blank>
IPV4 Default gateway:
IPV6 stuff all blank
autostart on
vimage off
nat on

Any help/advice appreciated!
Not open for further replies.