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Fresh installation after upgrade to 11.3 does not work

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Mar 19, 2017
Hi all, I had running in the previous version the deluge plugin, but when I migrate to the new version 11.3 I made a fresh installation of deluge plugin and despite I was able to install and have it running (also de deluge-web) I'm not able to download anything, not a real expert but looks like that nobody user is giving me some problem.
The configuration that I have is something like this, where the /mnt is a NFS share that is hosting all my data (FreeNAS 11.2)
Anotación 2020-02-03 235515.png

Another extrange behavior is despite I configured for example the Labels plugin in deluge, looks like that is installed, because every time that I entered to the configuration it appears uncheked.

thanks in avanced!


Jun 8, 2019
make sure you deluge user in this case nobody belongs to the same group as the owner group of your shares.

However check you deluge version and deluge user as the community plugin of deluge has been bumped to deluge 2 and the user has been changed to deluge.

I had the previous plugin installed and after upgrading it stopped working so now going through the trouble of reinstalling and transferring settings and torrents.