FreeNAS on ESXI with ZFS

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Mar 24, 2015
Hi all,

I have a 24gb non-ECC X5650 X58 Server 2012 setup that I need to replace in a Fractal Case with . My working desktop is a Xeon 1245V3 with 32gb of Ram and 512GB SSD.

I was thinking of using an ESXi replacement to run Server 2012 alongside FreeNAS for backups and learning. I am a IT Programme Manager and increasing my technical knowledge.

So have two options. Build a fresh server using a Supermicro board with ECC RAM and host Server 2012 and ZFS Freenas on it (not a production box) with some SSDs and traditional hard disks using ESXi. Aim to have 32GB of RAM. (LGA 2011 platform costs too prohibitive for a 64GB system)

Alternative is to repurpose the existing DDR3 ram for a i3 xxxxt server running Windows 2012 with DNS/AD. Purchase a HP Gen 8 and use ECC RAM for it for Freenas.

Both servers would be at other ends of the house (one in the loft) used for backups/ shares and general learning. Host devices are the desktop machine, Surface Pro 3, two android phones, tablet (android), Chromecast+Apple TV and a MacBook Pro.
Not open for further replies.