FreeNAS on a Shuttle SZ170R8 V2

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Jan 22, 2018

I am new to the FreeNAS universe.
I already have two NAS Synology CS407 (128 MB of memory and 2x 2 TB) and DS213 + (512 MB and 2x 2 TB). They are almost saturated.
I now want a more powerful NAS to run VMs, Docker, Plex, ... At Synology, a powerful NAS is too expensive.
I have now mounted FreeNAS for testing on a PC with an i7 960 but FreeBSD (bhyve) virtualization does not work with this processor. You need the VT-x support with the EPT and UG flags. He misses the flag UG.

So I will mount a NAS "home" FreeNAS with these elements at the beginning:

1x Shuttle SZ170R8 V2
1x Intel Core i7-6700K (4.0 GHz)
1x Crucial DDR4 16 GB 2400 MHz CL17 X8
1x 120GB SSD for the system
1x 1 TB disk for data.

The goal is to do tests with the Jail and VM part.

In a second step, I will add:
3x Crucial DDR4 16 GB 2400 MHz CL17 X8 to reach 64 GB
1x Samsung SSD 960 Evo M.2 NVMe 250GB for the system,
4x 8 or 10 TB disk

The Shuttle is certified Linux. This does not necessarily mean that FreeBSD will run on it but there is a good chance.

Do you think that FreeNAS or FreeBSD could have problems with the chosen hardware?
Can I install the system on the M.2 in PCI and boot on it?

I would like the opinion of the FreeNAS Jedi Masters.

Thank you.


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Oct 6, 2013
Since almost 36 hours have passed since you posted this, it looks like you get a FreeNAS Padawan Learner :)

For long term stability, this motherboard and power supply(^ABOVE^) would not fall under FreeNAS recommended hardware guidelines.
As you have noticed, the i5 and the i7 processors fall short for ECC memory support. IMHO this fact is a deal breaker :(
When you start adding VMs and jails on top of FreeNAS, memory integrity becomes even more important.
Recommend you keep looking, and May The Force Be With You.
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