FreeNAS box appears times in Mac Finder with CIFS SMB share

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I have set up a New box (First time with FreeNAS 8) FreeNAS-8.0.2-RELEASE-i386 (8288)

Have only configured one drive so far and it is shared via CIFS

On the page
Services|Control Services| CIFS spanner Icon page:
NET BIOS name is set to Backup
Workgroup 'Home'
all other settings on that page as default

Network |Global config
Hostname Backup
Domain local
everything else is blank

On Mac Finder under Shared there are three entries for the NAS box
Screen shot 2011-11-19 at 08.28.15.jpg

Two with a disk icon: FreeNAS "Samba Shares on FreeNAS"
One with blue computer Icon Named Backup
The one called Freenas which is the old name that seems to be stuck there, and won't go and can't connect to it. is there another setting in the WebGUI that still has the box named freenas somewhere?
The other two seem to be exactly the same but with different icons and names

The 4th entry 'BT" is my FreeNAS 7 Torrent box

This is just annoying to have three entries for the same shared box
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