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FREENAS 9.1.0 LDAP Authentication using SSH PublicKey

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Aug 8, 2013
Hey guys,

I'm new here and have been working on a LDAP Authentication for FREENAS project.

A new requirement came in that a user should be able to SSH with a an SSH Public key using the LDAP Authentication mechanism.

So far I have LDAP Auth with SSL/TLS working fine...

I've successfully imported the OpenSSH LPK schema successfully and I did some reading on generating the private and public keys... I put the public key in the user profile on LDAP and keep the private and public keys in the user machine under ~/.ssh but when I try to login with say PuttyTTL and I give it my private key it gets refused...

If someone could kindly help me it would be much appreciated!

Thanks and keep up the great work with FreeNAS :)

Harry Weppner

Oct 3, 2014
Did you ever get this sorted?
I'd be interested, too. What I found so far was that the LDAP Public Key option for openssh-portable was obsoleted by the
AuthorizedKeysCommand in sshd. Linux has an openssh-ldap package with an appropriate helper script to retrieve public keys from the ldap server. I've contacted Bryan Drewery if he knew of any FreeBSD alternatives. Should I learn more, I'll submit a feature request with additional details.

Cheerio, Harry.
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