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Emulex 10Gb SFP+ "works" in 11.3-U4

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Apr 7, 2020
So I'm on U4.1, I throw an Emulex 49Y4972 OCE11102 in and it's up... Out of the box.

I give it an IP and remap the LUNs from previous FC target setup and I'm connected.

Then I go to use it...

Works fine, I load a 50mb video file into premier and make some changes then I add two more and it choked up.
LUN down hard and I remap over the 1Gb NIC and can access no probs.

In FN console every second I see this error...
oce0: oce_mbox_get_nic_stats_v1 failed - cmd status: 5 addi status: 0
oce1: oce_mbox_get_nic_stats_v1 failed - cmd status: 5 addi status: 0

This card runs super hot as so I've heard online so I'm not sure if it's an airflow issue or driver.
I know it's not technically supported by TrueNAS but I'd be curious to know what this error actually means.


Resident Grinch
May 29, 2011
Yes, the Emulex cards are not well-supported. There's a discussion of usable cards in the 10 Gig Networking Primer available elsewhere on these forums.

Without looking at the driver, "mbox" implies a "mailbox" style driver passing messages back and forth to the firmware on the card, and "get_nic_stats_v1" suggests a particular type of message to, well, "get NIC stats", version 1 of such message. One might further hypothesize that one of the first things the server-side driver would do when initializing or reinitializing would be to ask the NIC about itself ("get NIC stats") and that it isn't getting an answer.

The card might be dead or overheated. Generally these are cards designed to work in a server environment with a ton of front-to-back airflow, so if your system is in an ATX or other non-rackmount chassis, you may not have sufficient cooling.


Apr 7, 2020
Hey Greco, thanks for that info and good to see you're still on here!
I bought this card for the esx hosts but thought I would see what happens.
The card I currently use is an FC HBA... QLE2560
It is ATX and I think I'm having the same issue with this one because I'll just loose connection randomly.
Could be the heat.

After an hour of uptime I get the following...
ctlfeasync: WPN 0x2... Port 0x0000e8 path 1 target 0 Left.
20 min later, "Arrived".
I'll put a heatsink on it and see if that helps.

If not maybe my 30Meter cable got a kink in it?

I'm bidding on the Intel X520-DA2 as I found it in a short list of most compatible 10Gb CNAs on someone's website.
I know the chelsio's are supposed to be a little better but do you think the Intel will function well enough?