Debug (Kernel?) Crash during Disk Import?

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Jan 12, 2018
First off, I am a complete FreeBSD novice. I am fairly competent with Linux, but FreeBSD is more different than I thought.

We have an old drive with some data on it that we'd like to copy on to the ZFS pool we have on the server. I haven't figured out how to mount the drive so we just tried importing the disk. We got about 100G in when it appears to crash the kernel. I am fairly certain it is caused by this drive as I've had a pretty stable system going up until now and it happens within 1 minute of initiating the disk import now (I tried restarting it a couple times).

I would love some help/advice on how to debug what is going on or some advice on how to mount the disk. I don't know the format of that partitions in the disk as it was made by someone else.


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Aug 16, 2011
There's a whole lot of information missing here, most of it covered by the forum rules that you said you read and agreed to when you joined yesterday. But let's start with:
  • Hardware information (motherboard, CPU, RAM, number/type/capacity of disks, disk controller if any)
  • FreeNAS version
  • Output of zpool import
  • Output of zpool status
  • Output of gpart show
  • How are you trying to import the pool?
  • What exactly happens when you try? What error messages are shown, etc.?
Output from the commands above should be in code tags (the "code" button above).
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