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CUPS troubleshooting. Prints Test Page but nothing else.

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Feb 24, 2020
Hey All,

First time poster, so I apologize in advance if I leave any "obvious" info out.

I'm close to giving up here, to just stand up another physical device to handle my print jobs, but se la vie.

I was able to set a "Default" Jail up and running install CUPS, edited the .conf to allow the web gui to work.
I was able to see my printer that was plugged in via USB, set it up in the web gui, and was able to print a test page from there.

However, when try to add this printer via CUPS on my mac, Linux box, or Windows, none of the prints jobs ever print. They all say completed in the webgui, but nothing else happens. I assumed I had the right driver from Gutenprint to use my printer since I was able to print the test page.

I'm a newbie to FreeNAS and FreeBSD, but have experience in Linux. Any suggestions on what to do next would be appreciated.

I followed suggestions from both of these Threads/sites to get me started with this.

Thanks All!