Considering Scale migration on new Hardware with existing Pool?

Mar 3, 2024
Hey all,

I'm looking to rebuild my aged hardware and considering a migration from Core to Scale in the process. I'd want to keep my existing mirrored pool of 4x disk and ensure I can get effective hardware acceleration from my Intel iGPU for video transcoding. I'm also happy to stay with Core entirely, but considering Scale for docker ease.

A few questions:
  1. Should I bother with Scale at all? I've not had luck with hardware acceleration in my existing jails and build, but I haven't tried since Core 11.x
  2. Should I start with a fresh install of Scale on the new hardware, then import my existing Pool?
  3. Alternatively, would it be better to install Core on the new build, import my Pool, and then migrate?
  4. Any issues with my future hardware you might notice?
Current Build:
TrueNAS Core 13.0
Mobo: Supermicro X10SLL-F (C222)
CPU: Xeon E3-1275L v3
Memory: 32GB ECC
Disks: Paranoia-fueled mirrors of 2x ST16000NE000 and 2x ST12000NM001G

Probable new build:
Mobo: Supermicro X11SCL-F (C242)
CPU: Xeon E3-1275 v5 Kaby Lake or a Xeon E3-1245 v6 if a Coffee Lake is truly needed 
Memory: 64GB ECC
Disks: Migrating my existing 2x ST16000NE000 and 2x ST12000NM001G

Much appreciated!