Complicated move to FreeNAS

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Oct 12, 2011
I am wanting to make the transition to FreeNAS from a Ubuntu Server setup in Raid6.
Here is my build if your interested: Raid 6 Build

So right now I have 6 2TB formatted in EXT4 in a RAID 6 using mdadm. I am hoping to switch over to RAIDZ2.

3.15TB of the 7.16 GB is used. So the problem is how to switch while not losing data.
I have one 2TB disk free to backup externally, if I have to I can get a 3TB from work to use as well.

I am also looking to implement SABnzb, couchpotato, ipBLOCK, and sickbeard.

Any suggestions on how to make the transition quick and easy?

I have bought a CF flash to IDE adapter along with a CF disk to use as device for FreeNAS.

Right now I am gearing up to send all of the data to two external drives (2TB and 3TB), install freenas, reformat storage pool, and then send data back from external drives.


Aug 19, 2011
Yeah, that sounds about right for transitioning the data. Note that all those extra tools you want do not come out of the box with FreeNAS and installation in the currently released version will be complicated (see protosd's thread on jails for what is probably your best shot at this right now).

I would advise you to experiment with all these other tools on a VMWare instance, not the live machine.
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