Cloning a drive

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Apr 9, 2014
Hello, I am after some advice,

I have a volume on a single hard disk (bad practice I know!) that I wish to remove as i think it will fail in the near future (unreadable sectors) . I wish to clone this drive to another disk, what is the best way to go about this? I tried using Rsync, however when copying the folder that contains my jail it appears to also try and copy the mounts that are within the jail as well (which is from a separate volume). ie it copies /mnt/downloads/mnt/Media. With downloads being my jail and the media folder being on another volume.

If i let that happen i will run out of space very quickly!

Is there another way to go about this or do i have to reconfigure my jail?

Thanks in advance


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Aug 16, 2011
The best thing to do is to add the second disk as a mirror of the first. Unfortunately, you'll have to do that from the CLI; there's no way to do it from the GUI. A search here should find some instructions for this procedure.

The next-best thing to do is to create a new pool on the new disk and use ZFS replication to duplicate the old pool on the new one. Again, this will need to be done from the CLI. The instructions in this post should get you on your way with this process.

If you move the data onto a new pool, you can rename it to match the old pool's name so you won't have to mess with your shares, jail configuration, etc. Here's how you'd do that:
  • From the GUI, export both pools, and remove the disk for the old pool.
  • From the CLI, 'zpool import newpool oldpool'
  • From the CLI, 'zpool export oldpool'
  • From the GUI, Import Volume
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